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Jun. 13th, 2007

falling in love again...

with musicals, broadway, and all that truly is theatrical goodness.

glad something is going right with the world.

ps who still reads hits?

Apr. 16th, 2007

so happy to be back...

facebook notes just arent fulfilling those writing itches so lets see what happens with this

May. 29th, 2005

(no subject)

update much....mmmm yes!

friday-bozzy final without formulas...sucked majorly. then shopping with the sisters for banquet shirt, etc. came home, and got ready for grad. and class and stuff. went to work, rushed to graduation. met darin-went to the stadium and watched all of our cool kid amazing friends graduate. the ceremony was really nice and went much faster than most people expected. then off to amaras...waited for everyone to get there. darin got attacked by mosquitoes and jessica changed in the driveway-hottie. ate and talked and such and then it was time for project grad. dropped car off at my amazing date lauren's house and then went to school. gah i love her so damn much. i cant imagine next year without her! so, we did all that cool kid fun stuff and hung out with amazing people. raced on the blow up thing with everyone and ate lots of candy. then chance and i won lots and lots of money playing blackjack at mr. oliver's table. after a while it was about to be over and the really slow lady was callling out names slower then molasses. finally escaped the NGC and got my car and went home. crashed immediatley.

sat-slept till 2, laid around lazily and finally got dressed. went to cleaners...found out they messed up my pants then came home. time to get ready for banquet!!!!!! got dressed and stuff and headed off to the gardens. amazing time! jakeypoo and chancepoo looked amazing hot of course...as did everyone else. congrats to everyone on recieving their awards!! then senior goodbyes. i must thank my amazing friend AMARA for thinking of me and giving me one. she said the sweetest stuff and gave me the most awesome pictures of us from midsummer and also from teh other night. i will miss that kid like all heck!! more goodbyes and it was really nice to see everyone so happy about everyone. then producers annoucements and such and finally dancing!!!!!!!! walk off, karoke with my amazing cher impersonator darin, and more and more and more dancing. then off to darin's with jessica. even if i cant walk straight, at least i can drive straight right jess? got about a bajillion phone calls from mi madre on the way there. arrived at darin's house, ate, pretended to swim in the FREEZING POOL, ate some more, then started to watch a movie and fell asleep of course. that REALLY loud storm woke most of us up...except laurel.

sunday-woke up, lost mike for a while, ate a dozen mini muffins with jessica, and decided to swim. darin, jessica, and i sizzled for a while and pretended to tan before getting in da pool. george's mean pizza person finally arrived and he forced us all to eat. eventually it was time to depart. drove jessica to her illegal house and got a grand tour of all three gates. i love her so much! she is so awesome and totally puts up with me and all my faults. i love you jess!!!!!!!!!!!! if you ever need a ride down from school, you know who to call!

this weekend was so totally amazing and it would not have been the same without all my amazing friends like jessica, lauren, amara, george, darin, jake, chance, and so many others!!!!!!!!!!!!! i had such a great time at all the stuff we did.

May. 8th, 2005

made me laugh

You are

May. 3rd, 2005

(no subject)

its tuesday and the week has already begun to kill me.

im sorry for all the things i did wrong today.

Apr. 3rd, 2005

death cab

(no subject)

long weekend yet again...here goes

friday-school sucked, short periods cause of the faculty/sr. basketball game...lame. got out of that cause i had to fill in for the UIL academics meet. i had to compete in current events and issues...cause i know oh so much about the world we live in...but the team managed to get third...hells yeah! then went to eat with phi, shannon, and the kiddos then rehearsal for a bit.

sat-woke up EARLY to go to school for UIL academics part deux...this time literary criticism..i think the team got fourth or something and i did fairly good...not bad for reading NONE of the materials... then went to rehearsal from like 12-5 ish...did good in fiddler(finally) and rushed out of there just in time to make it to the UIL district competition. i was able to watch creek of course and galv-ball after us. they were both aMAzing and i loved watching my friends perform again. waited for a billion million years to get results and cheered everyone on as they were given awards, ect. congrats to the vixens..you guys were so amazing and so damn sexy and i am so happy that i got to share that experience with yall!!! you def. deserved the award and congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! came home and slept...but i lost an hour due to friggin daylight savings times...grrr

today-mandatory sunday rehearsal before coppelia...not quite ready but oh well..we go to the theatre on wednesday. managed to read a chapter and half of catch-22 during rehearsal which is quite an accomplishment for me. then came home, ate some pizza with the family. went up to see mom with cristian and we took her some flowers and food. shes coming home tomorrow...yah! then rushed back home to watch the best tv show ever...grey's anatomy!!! loving it!!!!

now time for another chapter and a half of the catch...gah!!!!!!!!!!!!

things to look forward to this week---

lunar meeting, going to the theatre for coppelia, and friends at school

Mar. 30th, 2005

who will say something to you when the time comes?

enlightening day today-

learned alot about some people...thanks to darin, laurel, tara, and sarah for talking to me (and jess) today during prod 4. i think that was the most awkward class period of my high school career. i have never experienced anything like it before and it was so hard to watch it happen. but like i said...i know people better now because of it...and better to learn things now then later

rest of the day followed suit...how can it pick up after something like that? ended school and met up with jess. went to krogers and got a few gifts and some flowers for a few people.

as jess mentioned-hairties + newspaper + flowers = classy, vintage perhaps...but inventive none the less...and i know the people who recieved these gifts understood where they came from-the heart.

had a truly amazing day with jessica today. best day with a friend in a while.

also had a great talk with ashley t.-she listens great.

congrats to UIL cast...vixens were fabulous and i got chill bumps from the performance. im glad i was able to involve myself somehow and be there tonight to support you. best wishes for the weekend.


ps...taco bell and driving is fairly dangerous

Mar. 29th, 2005

death cab

(no subject)


i love you guys times a billion...ill be there cheering you on the whole time!




Mar. 27th, 2005

death cab

three day weekend!!!!!!!!!!!

fri-beach day with cool kids....george, jess, lauren, amara, jake, sarah, josh, tim.....amazingly fun time...see below and other pics from others as well. came home...brother got into town. met the new god and stayed around the house.

sat-dance day...1230-9...they are redoing the entire ballet starting tomorrow. keep in mind that we go to the theatre a week from wednesday. dont know how its gonna happen. part of me wants it to be redone cause its really bad but the other part says is it too late? who knows. this means the coming week and a half WILL be hell...adding that onto april which is gonna suck already.

today-easter...woke up early, ate, cleaned, wal mart run, getting ready for the family to come over...dysfunctional family...hells yeah...cant wait for the fun. tonight will be filled with history chapter and catch-22. wahoo.

things to look forward to:

UIL on wednesday...i heart my vixens

RDA in abilene...bus ride with A FORT!!!!

school being almost over

lots of performances coming up

and the big finale:..............

OCU in a year and a half and hopefully lots of dancing after that...wishful thinking i know but ive had the college itch...what can i say?

Mar. 25th, 2005

death cab

this feeling inside...

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